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Bring your innovations to new customers across the UK and beyond via our enterprise-class fibre network.

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EXPO.e providing the networking that powers your solutions

EXPO.e providing the networking that powers your solutions

Delivering your services through EXPO.e’s self-owned, business-only fibre network ensures they will always be readily available to your customers and end users, whenever and wherever they need them. This homogenous Layer 2 VPLS Network offers a wide range of options in terms of how your services are delivered, including converging multiple services over one connection. With EXPO.e providing the networking that powers your solutions, you are free to explore new revenue streams, whether that involves entering new locations, or incorporating new innovations into your portfolio.

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Why deliver your services though our network?

Unparalleled performance and resilience

100GigE speed and 10Gbps connections, backed up by a single, end-to-end SLA, with minimal latency and jitter.

Available wherever your customers are

Our network covers 90% of the UK, with PoP’s in both the US and Europe, allowing you to enter new regions with complete confidence.

Hands-on support

Our UK-based NOC is available 24/7/365, working to maintain the highest standard of performance and security, freeing you to focus on your customers.

Full control and visibility

Web-based bandwidth management, combined with monitoring and control of traffic, ensures optimal cost control, without compromising performance. 

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As a trusted partner, our deep expertise and capabilities in Networks, Cloud, Data Centre Solutions, Unified Communications, Cyber Security and Professional Service enable your sales teams to increase your average order values. We design and deliver Channel Partner solutions ranging in value from £5,000 to £1,000,000 per year. Find out more by downloading our Channel Partners Brochure.

Don't take our word for it...

We’ve increased individual client revenue FIVE FOLD by adding EXPO.e’s Cloud services to our portfolio.

Anyone can deliver technology, but it's people that really make the difference. That's the difference between a service provider and a partner, and that's what we've enjoyed throughout our relationship with EXPO.e.

It's the shared values that have really been the foundation of our relationship with EXPO.e, as well as their willingness to do things a bit differently.

A UK networking pioneer

We have grown our network organically over the course of our company’s existence, and it forms the backbone of more than twenty years of innovation, including Europe’s first VPLS network and military-grade solutions for the commercial sector. We continue to develop it in order to meet both our goals, and those of our Channel Partner community. This ongoing investment allows us, in turn, to offer the world-class service quality that is reflected in our industry-leading NPS score and nine ISO’s. As an EXPO.e Carrier Partner, you become part of this heritage, and are able to draw directly on our networking experience and expertise to drive your own business goals.

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