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The DX Blueprint

Powered by Exponential-e's Software Defined Digital Platform.

Digital Transformation and DevOps

The digital transformation of applications and business operations using DevOps and Cloud.

A steady hand in challenging times

economy proofing the contact centre.

The true meaning of digital transformation

It's more than just reorganisation and technology.

Be prepared

Optimising cyber security in an increased threat landscape.

Management information in the Contact Centre

How actionable data drives sales, improves employee satisfaction and enhances customer experience.

Hybrid Working

The four pillars of the modern workplace.

CCaaS and CRM

The Devil's in the detail.

Understanding the five time thieves

and retaking control of your most precious resources.

The threat of human error

You cannot afford to risk human error compromising your cyber security.


Choosing the WAN solution that's right for your organisation.

The rise of a distributed workforce

Culture, technology and processes.

The 12-18-3 method

Opening the door to accelerated innovation and continuous learning.

A comprehensive portfolio of integrated solutions

Cloud, communications, cybers security, connectivity and IT services.

From routine surveillance to transformational service quality

Why retailers are embracing the next generation of CCTV.

Costa Coffee

Teamwork and technology drive innovation with the UK's favourite coffee retailer.


Providing seamless connectivity for the world's first Electric Forecourts a new era of sustainable energy.

The changing face of IT

within the forecourt retail sector.

Retail 4.0

How technology is driving the move
from products to experiences.

Is retail dead?

How technology is transforming the shopping experience and offering retailers new ways to interact with their customers.

Embracing the pop-up

How to ensure you are ready to meet your ideal customers anywhere.

Nicholls & Clarke

Enabling the delivery of world-class building materials across the entire UK.

Innovate and Transform

Lay the foundations for future growth in Construction.

SGP Architects + Masterplanners

A leading architectural practice pioneers Cloud migration within their industry.

In a period of global upheaval

the AEC sector is demonstrating its resilience.

Glenn Howells Architects

Providing a leading architectural design studio with a launch pad for effective remote collaboration.


Delivering high performance connectivity
and stress free cloud transformation for a leader in the UK's AEC sector.

Apex Hotels

Providing the technology backbone for luxury hotels across UK.

A new model for technology partnerships

in the Hospitality & Leisure sector.

The Montcalm Luxury Hotels, London

Working with Exponential-e they have now become the 1st UK hotel to boast 10Gig capability.

Exponential-e & Legal

The winning strategy for Legal Digital Transformation.

Legal firms who do not embrace cloud technology solutions

and leading edge cyber security will risk their reputation in the months ahead.

Rethinking Data Security and Disaster Recovery in the Legal Sector

Protecting brand recognition and mitigating the impact of ransomware attacks in an evolving threat landscape.

3 ways for law firms

to achieve more effective cyber security, today.

Why Legal firms are making SIEM systems

a key element of their cyber security systems.

What is a 'critical third party'

What is a 'critical third party' and why must the finance sector's technology providers be ready to earn this designation?

Odum Research

A leader in financial strategies embraces Cloud transformation.

Price Bailey

Enabling a 25x increase in Network speed for leading accountancy firm.

Why standards of operational resilience

is required for the UK Finance sector.

Developing a first-class IT infrastructure

for a leading independent investment firm.

Tandem Bank

Maximising performance, scalability and compliance for a leading innovator in online banking.

Exponential-e and Finance

Reduce complexity, increase speed and reliability.

Exponential-e & Digital Pathology

Fully integrated, leading-edge, managed PACS solution for the healthcare sector.

Leeds Teaching Hospital

Multi-site digital transformation delivers a fully optimised supply chain and enhanced patient care.

HMPPS' Telemedicine Programme

and the power of technology as a force for social change.

London HSCN

Supporting the delivery of exceptional patient outcomes by connecting leading healthcare authorities across our capital city.

Exponential-e & Digital Pathology

Fully integrated, leading-edge, managed PACS solution for the healthcare sector.

Exponential-e and Life Science

A trusted technology partner for the Life Science sector.

NHS Digital

Bespoke technology solutions for the UK healthcare sector's digital pioneer.

Her Majesty's Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS)

Powering HMPPS' and NHSE/I's pioneering Telemedicine Expansion Programme.

It's time for the public sector to have its own digital revolution

how digital transformation is optimising the delivery of critical services to citizens all over the UK.

Media & Entertainment

Make it work, make it easy, make it cool.

Guinness World Records

Exponential-e migrate Guinness World Records' global workforce to Office 365.

AMC Networks

A global media giant achieves an effortless move to hybrid working while embracing green technology.

Channel 4

Channel 4 - deploys resilient quality network allowing content for multiple platforms to be pushed quickly and efficiently.

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